welcomeLighting Service, Inc. is a licensed electrical contractor providing efficient, cost effective solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting, signage and electrical needs throughout eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Since 1946 our customers have found our planned maintenance programs, “on demand” repair services, re lamps, retrofits, and design and system installations have maximized their return on investment with quality lighting and energy efficiency. Working for you directly, or as your subcontractor, Lighting Service, Inc. is the answer for all of your lighting, signage and electrical needs.

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The time is now for an LED lighting upgrade

Have you considered upgrading your exterior lighting system with LED technology?

New LED fixtures or retrofit options will significantly improve overall lighting system quality, while reducing the dependence on expensive energy. In fact, you can save up to 60% more energy, and realize a return on your project costs much sooner than you think. As a Platinum Trade Ally Partner with the Ameren Act on Energy Program, we can handle all the paper work and process your application for your cash incentives quickly and easily.

Invest in your facility with interior and exterior lighting options that will not only enhance your property value, but also make it safer for employees, customers and tenants.

Scheduled Maintenance performed by Lighting Service, Inc. optimizes lighting at your facility. Maintenance is simplified by making scheduled inspections and repairing outages with your approval. To find out more about monthly or quarterly TMI’s email:sales@lightingserviceinc.com