Company History

awardsIn 1946 the new technology of fluorescent lighting was being introduced and would soon require companies that could service this new lighting advancement.  To meet the new demands Lighting Service, Inc. was founded by Elmo Irwin. Elmo’s brother-in law, Leo Gamp II joined the business shortly after.  In the early 1960’s the growing business expanded services to include outdoor lighting repairs and sign maintenance.  Mr. Irwin and Mr. Gamp operated the business until the early 1980’s when Leo Gamp III took over the leadership.  In August of 1995 George Irwin and Don Bachman, long- time friends and business colleagues, purchased the company.  George and Don had a vision for growing and transforming the business and today Lighting Service, Inc. has become a full service lighting and sign maintenance company that specializes in electrical contracting, service, and repair of lighting and electrical systems as well as facilitating energy efficiency and “going green.”

In 2005 Lighting Service was fortunate to have Dan Lareau, Master Electrician, join the company.  In 2008 Mr. Lareau took on responsibility as the Vice President of Operations. Dan’s electrical proficiency is respected by all and his knowledge and expertise in the lighting industry has given Lighting Service the ability to have continued growth.  In 2011 Don Bachman retired from the company while George Irwin continues to lead Lighting Service, Inc. as President.

GandD09BBBThough there have been many changes in the lighting business since the company was founded, Lighting Service has remained consistent in its dedication to customer service and following standards set by the industry. The company recognizes one of our greatest assets is our loyal employees who work as a team to deliver outstanding customer care.  It is company policy to provide a safe environment for employees, as well as customers.  Each employee is always expected to maintain the policy of “Safety First” in the way they conduct business and work together with customers.  In addition, all employees must abide by a drug free work place policy in compliance with the Drug Free Work Place Act.

For more information on the service we offer and how we can service your facility please contact us at or call (314) 428-0800.