Indoor Services

At Lighting Service, Inc. all of our technicians are certified, so you know you have the very best people working on your facility. Our indoor services include lighting system design, lighting controls, re lamping and retrofits, among others. All of our services provide better light for your facility.


“Lighting Service, Inc. is proud to offer a number of indoor lighting and electrical services,
thus ensuring we can handle any electrical issue you encounter.”


The indoor electrical services we offer are available for your safety in addition to providing your facility with better light levels all while operating at a lower monthly cost. Lighting Service, Inc. can design and install new lighting systems for your area or help you maintain your current lighting system.

Lighting Service, Inc. offers a number of programs to help you maintain and monitor your monthly energy consumption in addition to helping you get the most our of your system. By keeping a closer eye on your lighting system we can ensure that it runs at an optimum level. Our electricians can help diagnose problems that eat into your valuable budget dollars.

Our services radius includes areas in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. For more information on how Lighting Service, Inc. can “brighten your day” call us at (314) 428-0800 or email us

Why utilize a lighting maintenance professional? 

Consider these examples:

indoorservices_000Many times we hear customers complain that lamps they just installed already burned out.  Depending on a variety of conditions at your facility and how many hours a day the lights are operating you may need a different product. Lighting Service, Inc. has extensive understanding of lighting products and can best match your needs with the wide array of available products.

Some of your lights aren’t coming on.  You may have an electrical problem. Lighting Service, Inc. understands lighting we can diagnose and solve your problem.

All the lights are on but there is still not enough light? Our design staff understands lighting; we can offer a variety of lighting solutions.

A fixture isn’t operating. Our staff understands whether you can replace parts or whether you need to replace the entire fixture.  Our purchasing department can obtain your replacement parts or search for a new fixture to match existing light fixtures and keep you informed of alternatives. Our staff of technicians and electricians can service your existing fixture or install a replacement fixture.

Our services extend beyond basic maintenance and you will find our knowledge and understanding of lighting adds value and saves you time.  Contact us at or call (314) 428-0800 to learn more about how we can assist with your indoor lighting needs.