Lighting Service Offers Reliable Subcontracting

The performance of a subcontractor at the job site often reflects on the company that hired it.  Whenever we act as your subcontractor we understand that we have dual responsibilities—to you and your customer.  Our primary goal always has been, and will continue to be, to give your customers the same outstanding and prompt service they are accustomed to receiving directly from you.  When we subcontract for you our secondary goal is just as crucial, to minimize your administrative burden. To achieve these goals, we will:

  • rigorously meet all response and completion deadlines;
  • satisfy or exceed your and your clients’ expectations regarding the quality of our work;
  • fully and promptly communicate with you and your client regarding the scheduling, cost, and status of our work;
  • explicitly follow your instructions regarding those signatures, store stamps, work verifications, photographs, and other documents you want us to obtain;
  • use your IVR and other reporting systems to provide detailed, timely, and complete estimates, progress reports, invoices and other documentation;
  • communicate with you and your customer in a timely, clear, and professional manner;
  • seek to do everything within our power to maintain and improve the good will that you have developed with your client.

By diligently catering to your customer’s needs and by fully conforming to your procedures, Lighting Service believes that we—as your subcontractor—can contribute greatly to your and your customer’s continued success and profitability.